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postheadericon Stop Wage Garnishment with bankruptcy!

Stop Wage Garnishment with Bankruptcy!


What Is a Wage Garnishment?

There are many cases when you may find yourself having your wages withheld by a creditor. This is typical in the cases of child support, spousal support or when a creditor sues for the amount owed and a judgment is put in place. If you are being faced with legal action from creditor, it is important to immediately contact an attorney.

When Wage Garnishment is Used.

A wage garnishment is usually a last attempt to collect a debt. Once your account goes into default, the original creditor will attempt to collect the debt or sell it to a third party collection agency. If both parties are unsuccessful in collecting a payment from you, they may then file suit against you to obtain a judgment for the amount owed. After a judgment has been obtained, if the debt is still unpaid, they may then contact your employer to start a wage garnishment.

How Garnishments Work.

Your creditor will go in front of a judge to get an order for garnishment. Once they have been granted the order, they will be allowed to take up to 25% of your wages after taxes. Wage garnishments can be embarrassing, as your employer will be notified of your financial difficulties. In addition to the embarrassment, garnishments can cause further financial difficulties if you are unable to pay the bills you owe.  In some cases, the creditor can only garnish 10%.  On a tight budget, however, this can still be devastating.

How to Stop Wage Garnishment.

If you are facing a wage garnishment there are a few things you can do to stop it. The first thing you must do is pay attention to all notices you receive. It may be tempting to ignore them in the hopes that they will soon go away but this is not the case. You should then contact an attorney that specializes in debt and bankruptcy.  A bankruptcy filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will stop the wage garnishment.  

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Sean C. Paul, St. Louis attorney, can help you stop wage garnishment

Sean C. Paul, St. Louis attorney, can help you stop wage garnishment

Sean C. Paul is licensed to practice law in the State of Missouri. His practice is located in south St. Louis County. He can help you with your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case so you can STOP wage garnishment.

Sean C. Paul will give you the individual attention you deserve. He will meet with you one-on-one to determine how he can help you. If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Missouri, please call today.

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